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Faces of Physio (Janurary): Jayme Gordon, the newest Physiotherapst to join our team

Royal City Physio is incredibly excited to announce and introduce the newest physiotherapist to join our team/family. Her name is Jayme Gordon and we couldn't be more happy to have her on board. As a way of introducing her, we asked a few questions in a 'get to know you' kind of interview.

Tell us a little about your background.

I grew up in Campbell River as a fairly active kid. I played competitive hockey, softball, and volleyball throughout middle and high school. After high school I moved to Victoria where I completed my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at UVIC. Three years ago I moved to Vancouver to complete my Masters of Physical Therapy at UBC. I continue to stay active through recreational sports and love spending time off the grid exploring the outdoors.

Why do you think physiotherapy is important?

Physiotherapy is a diverse profession that has the ability to help treat a wide variety of injuries and impairments. Physiotherapists work with their patients to help them reach their goals by improving their movement, function, and overall quality of life.

What does the Royal City Physiotherapy mandate ‘Keep moving’ mean to you?

Physiotherapists are movement specialists, it is our job to get patients moving optimally and to keep them moving for life. The physical and mental health benefits of living an active lifestyle are endless. I believe that finding a form of physical activity that people truly enjoy is best way to encourage lifelong engagement in physical activity.

What can patients expect from their sessions with you?

My treatment approach combines hand on treatment techniques and exercises to correct impairments and optimize function. The initial assessment will involve working together to establish goals of treatment and providing patients with education about their impairments.

What inspired you to pursue physiotherapy?

During my bachelor's degree I was fortunate enough to gain work experience with various populations ranging from national level athletes to seniors living in residential care. I realized that I loved working with both of these populations for very different reasons but overall I enjoyed working with people and having a positive impact on their quality of life. Physiotherapy was a perfect fit, it's a profession where I have the opportunity to work with diverse populations to help them reach their goals, whether that be returning to sport post-injury, preventing falls, or maintaining their current level of function.

If you could you use one word to describe your work, what would it be and why?

Adaptable. No patient is the same and a new challenge arises with every new patient based on their level of impairment. Through my previous experience I have learned how to adapt treatment techniques, and exercises in order to suit the individual needs to the patient.

Also, as Karen Nichol expresses: "We are really excited to have Jayme come on board as it will be nice to have another female therapist at our clinic and she is just the perfect fit for the place. She is extremely friendly and outgoing as well as extremely active. Her active background will also better help her in rehabilitating the athlete and understanding the athlete mindset that she will inevitably have to embrace in working at our sports clinic."

You can book your appointment with Jayme on our 'Book now' tab which you can find here. She can't wait to help you to Keep Moving. Please give her a warm welcome and don't be afraid to say 'Hello' to her the next time you have an appointment!

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