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Our goal is to give you the best care possible. 

Our physiotherapists strive every day to give you the best care possible, so it’s important to attend your scheduled appointments so you can achieve the outcomes we work so hard to give you. Your treatment plan depends on the hard work of your physiotherapist, but just as important, your attendance. 


Each appointment slot is reserved especially for you, so you can get that one-on-one time you deserve. We ask that you make every effort possible to attend your appointment on-time and ready to go. No-shows and late cancellations not only affect your treatment plan, but leave an unpaid spot in your therapist's day, and most importantly does not allow patients on your therapist’s waitlist to be seen. 


It is also important to understand that your rehab journey may fluctuate. This is normal. Some days are better than others and on those hard days we are here to help. There are many things we can do to help decrease your pain, and it’s important for us to see how you function on those tough days. Physios are not just there for the good times, we are there for the hard times too! 

We know we have these policies in multiple locations on our website and on our appointment confirmation emails, but here they are one more time with care. 


  1. We require 24 hour notice in order to cancel or change your appointment. If you fail to change or cancel your appointment within 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the appointment fee.

  2. Unfortunately, Late Cancellation and No Show fees cannot be submitted through your extended benefits, as no treatment was provided. 

  3. If you have an outstanding balance due to Late Cancellations or No Shows we will require this fee to be paid and have a credit card put on file before booking any future appointments. 

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