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Healthy Buying (April): El Santo

Want to eat local and healthy? El Santo is the answer for you!

Sometimes you just need a night off from cooking your own food, and whether it's a date night or a 'cheat' night, your wallet and physique won't feel guilty about dining at El Santo. The atmosphere of this local restaurant is incredibly urban and modern, sans pretension. The decor is contemporary and the food is fresh without forcing you to break the bank.

El Santo is named after a real-life masked crusader and Mexican wrestling legend, 'The Saint', who never revealed his true identity. Alejandro Diaz, founder of the restaurant, chose the name because the wrestler was his childhood hero. Thus, El Santo was born and now brings contemporary Mexican cuisine to New Westminsterites and anyone who else who wanders in through their doors.

Alejandro Diaz partnered with Chef Shane King to develop the delicious and diverse menu that El Santo is known for. Chef Shane King brings the Westcoast flavour while Diaz ensures that the dishes still have the Mexican authenticity to them. No matter what you order, you're guaranteed a unique and scrumptious meal.

The drink menu is inventive and the meal choices are extensive, with choices that even the pickiest will drool over. One of the fun things about this restaurant is that they encourage you to order 'to share' plates so that everyone can try a little bit of something. This encourages you to try a new dish on for size but you can't still walk away with a full and satisfied stomach. If that gets your tummy rumbling, you can check out their full menu here.

You can find El Santo at 680 Columbia Steet in New Westminster. It's just a two minute walk from the New Westminster skytrain station and there's lots of street parking around the restaurant.

To find out more, go to their website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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