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Dan Folino’s 2020 in Review

This past year has already flown by! This year also marks my first full year at Royal City Physio. It has been a privilege to be able to work with such a wonderful team here. From the front office staff to my fellow physiotherapists, the culture at Royal City Physio is one of the best working environments to be a part of. I would like to sincerely thank all of my co-workers for helping make my first year here a successful one. This past year was definitely a unique one. From navigating through COVID-19, conducting virtual physiotherapy sessions during the lockdown, to treating all sorts of wonderful individuals in the clinic, this year has been one that I will never forget!

Each year I make it a goal to participate in continuing education courses. This past year I was able to take a course on advanced manual therapy techniques for the lower body. Additionally, along with my colleagues, I participated in a course run by Randy Celebrini. From these courses I have been able to implement new techniques and strategies into my practice. Due to the pandemic this year, I was unable to participate in more courses. I am hoping that next year allows me an opportunity to partake in additional courses. Some areas of particular interest of mine are continuing to broaden my manual therapy skills and helping to treat vestibular injuries.

On a personal level, I had planned to travel to Europe this past summer to check off a bucket-list item of mine to attend the EURO 2020 soccer tournament. Unfortunately, the event was postponed until next year due to COVID-19, so my fingers are crossed that I will be able to attend the event this upcoming summer. While my travel plans were altered, I was still able to travel up to my cabin and to the Sunshine Coast with my partner this year!

During my time away from the clinic, I have continued to stay active with my personal trainer…. my dog Vince. We go on daily walks/hikes which are always enjoyable! This year I finally bought a bike, which has given me another form of exercise. A goal of mine for this upcoming year is to get out and ride more often, and not just be a “fair weather biker.” Another goal for next year, is to continue to study Italian. Furthermore, this past year I continued to play tennis, golf and soccer: as a goalie, in both outdoor and indoor. While most of the season was cut short due to the pandemic, I am hoping this upcoming year allows us to play safely without stoppages.

Finally, I like to thank all of my clients, for your hard work this past year. Seeing all of you recover and progress is truly satisfying and rewarding! Looking forward to seeing you all in 2021!


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