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Tele-Rehabilitation Sessions

What is Tele-Rehab physiotherapy?


Tele-Rehab physiotherapy is a 1-on-1 video based session, similar to an in-person session, that can be done from a home or office. During a Tele-Rehab session, your therapist will listen to your history and take a detailed history, assess the area(s) where you may be experiencing pain, and assess range of motion through specific movements. After guiding you through a series of self-tests, your physiotherapist will provide you with a diagnosis and a plan for treatment.


How do I book a Tele-Rehab session?


To book a Tele-Rehab physiotherapy session, please contact the front desk to share why you feel like this might be the only option for you.


Will my insurance company cover a Tele-Rehab appointment?


As of March 24th, 2020 ICBC, Pacific Blue Cross, SunLife, Desjardins, Canada Life (Great West Life), Manulife and Medavie Blue Cross (ie RCMP, CAF & Veterans/DVA) cover part, or all of the Tele-Rehab appointments. We recommend that you contact your insurer to double check your coverage with them.


How do I pay for my Tele-Rehab session?


Please note that we require a credit card on-file to complete your appointment booking, but this card will not be charged until after your session. Credit card information is securely encrypted and stored through Stripe’s payment processing platform. Neither Royal City Physio, nor your physiotherapist have access to your credit card information.


What do I need for a successful Tele-Rehab session?

  • A device (computer, laptop, iPad, phone) with a camera and microphone.

  • A bright space large enough to do assessment movements and exercise.

  • Clothing appropriate for examination and exercise. (eg. Tank top for shoulder assessments; Shorts for knee or ankle assessments).

  • Exercise equipment that you might have: yoga mat, exercise ball, therabands, light weights.

  • A friend or family member at home in case there is an emergency during your video session. 


Will my personal information be secure?


Our therapists will be using either Jane, Physitrack, or Zoom as our video platforms, all of which offer end-to-end encryption and are PIPA/PIPEDA compliant. None of the audio or video of your Tele-Rehab video sessions will be recorded or stored. All personal information you provide is confidential and will be recorded in your chart, as required by the law, the same as if you attended an in-person visit at the clinic. 

If you have any questions regarding Tele-Rehab appointments please contact us by email at or by phone at (604) 553-1203. 

Please allow for an additional 20 minutes in the event of technical difficulties.

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