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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

What is Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Post-operative rehabilitation is necessary after various surgeries, such as fractures, joint replacements, or tendon repairs, to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our physiotherapists are trained to guide patients through their recovery, manage pain, improve mobility and strength, and ultimately return them to physical activity.

Each surgery has a slightly different healing timeline and may come with precautions. However, generally, you can expect physiotherapy to look like the following: 

Phase 1: manage swelling, pain, and improve range of motion.
Phase 2: work on general strength and mobility, walking and light cardiovascular activity.
Phase 3: focus on progressive strengthening, coordination, balance, and increased cardiovascular activity.
Phase 4: sport & activity-specific training.

What are the benefits of Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Our goal during postoperative rehabilitation is to help you return to your normal activities and strength as soon as possible after surgery, ensuring the best possible outcomes. It is recommended that post-operative rehabilitation begins as soon as you return home from the hospital. If you find it difficult to stay on track with your exercises, physiotherapy appointments can provide you with the necessary support and accountability. In addition, physiotherapists are trained to monitor for any potential complications that may arise after surgery.

Who would benefit from Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Anyone who is experiencing pain, stiffness, reduced balance and coordination, muscle weakness, reduced mobility, low exercise tolerance, and reduced independence. These physical and psychological effects can lead to frustration and anxiety, which can hinder your recovery process. To help you maximize your recovery potential and reduce any secondary problems related to surgery, our physiotherapists will carry out a full assessment and work with you to create short and long-term goals. A personalized rehabilitation program will be designed to address your specific needs, ensuring that you regain your mobility, strength, and independence.

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