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How Can Physiotherapy Help After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Physiotherapy is an important component of rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident. A physiotherapist can help reduce pain, improve range of motions, provide education and support during your recovery process, and most importantly help you return to your pre-injury function. We do this through a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and necessary modalities (i.e ultrasound, IMS or Dry Needling).

How Do ICBC Physiotherapy Sessions Work?

After a motor vehicle accident you are pre approved for 25 Physiotherapy

visits within the first 12-week period from the date of your accident.


If additional sessions are required, your physiotherapist can apply for an

extension based on the severity of your injury and rehabilitation progress.

ICBC is required to approve any extra sessions in order to have coverage.

We do our best to apply for these extensions in a timely manner, so there

isn’t a gap in your care. 

For more information on ICBC Medical Care Coverage and Pre Authorized

Sessions Click Here.

What is the Cost?

At Royal City Physio, our patients are not required to pay a user fee. As stated above, your first 25 physiotherapy visits are covered by ICBC. If more sessions are required we will apply for an extension.

How Should I Prepare for My Appointment? 

For your first ICBC Physiotherapy session, we require a valid ICBC Claim Number and your Personal Health Care Number. You can find your ICBC Claim Number by calling your ICBC Claim Specialist.


Want to Learn More?

Check out our blogs on Whiplash and  How to Reduce Neck Pain


If you need help with an injury after a Motor Vehicle Accident. Book with one of our physiotherapists today! 

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