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Karen Nichol’s 2021 in Review

It feels like no time since I wrote my 2020 Year In Review, and already a year has now come and gone. Funny how this past year has somehow felt very long and yet so fleeting at the same time. I am happy to report that through it all, I have so many positive things to reflect on.

Our ‘new’ little clinic is now 6 physios strong and thriving! Each day I look forward to working alongside Jayme, Stephen, Dan, Mikaela and our newest addition Courtney! I honestly could not be prouder of our team and how well we all work and collaborate. The praise and gratitude I receive from clients being treated by this talented group of therapists always warms my heart. I know I am not being biased in saying that I know each therapist at Royal City Physio brings their A game to work each day. I know that every client is getting the best possible care from our highly skilled physiotherapists who truly care about their patient’s injuries and outcomes.

Of course, continuing to work through a pandemic has had its challenges. As our clinic adjusted to the ‘new normal’ we continued to limit the number of patients that we treated each day, which left many patients on a daily waitlist that only seemed to grow. Finally in November, we were happy to announce a return to our pre-pandemic patient scheduling which allowed for 30% more patients to be treated each day. We would like to thank each of you for being so patient in waiting for our care since the pandemic began.

Our clinic is also very excited to finally resume our connection with many of the local amateur and professional athletes as the world of sports has finally reopened. I am thrilled to be back working with many of the local NLL players as their season opens at the beginning of December, after a long 18-month hiatus.

With sports resuming, I thought October would also be the perfect time to complete my Sports First Responder recertification with First Aid guru Harry Toor at Envision Physio. In addition, this fall has been enjoyable as I’ve been able to spend more time with Randy Celebrini, founder of the On Field Clinic, and collaborate with him on specific transitional rehab approaches with individual athletes. Having Randy as part of our clinic has been an amazing complement to our team.

I am excited to say that our 8th annual RCP Christmas party was held for the first time at Royal City Physio. It was fun to see the clinic dressed up in such a festive light. We had a lovely catered event complete with a photo booth and Secret Santa gift exchange. Having all of us together with great food, drinks, music and lots of laughter felt like the perfect way to decompress after a very hectic year.

I would also like to send out the hugest thank you to our amazing office manager Adele, as well as to our front desk team of; Cami, Maria, Pat, Lauren and Allison, who always make our clients feel welcome and keep our clinic running smoothly and safely. And most importantly, I must thank the key people in our business... our loyal PATIENTS! I am extremely grateful and continue to be humbled by the amazing support of this community. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in our team to help you with your injuries and rehabilitation goals.

With the last couple of years being so unpredictable, I do not know exactly what 2022 will bring, but I do know that I am excited to be diving into it with the support of such amazing people around me.

Karen Nichol, founder of Royal City Physio, graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. She is currently the head physiotherapist for Coquitlam Adanac Sr A's and head physiotherapist for the Police Academy at The Justice Institute of B.C. She is also a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and the Physiotherapy Association of B.C. Book with Karen today.


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