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Tess Woldring's 2022 Festive Year in Review

Tess Woldring is one of our amazing physiotherapists at Royal City Physio!

To sum up 2022, we've asked Tess a few interview style questions so you can learn more about this years highlights and her career goals for 2023. We've also asked her all about the holidays. For fun, read along to find out the inside scoop to Tess' holiday traditions!

What is your favourite highlight from 2022?

Winning the BC Premiere Women’s Rugby Championship with the UBC Women’s Rugby Team

What is one professional goal for 2023?

There is so much I would like to achieve in 2023! Work along side a sports team on and off the playing surface.

What is your favourite holiday movie?

Any cheesy and cringy Hallmark movie.

What is your favourite holiday activity?

Skating! I am fairly good in figure skates, but I am still working on learning to skate in hockey skates. Future dream is to play on a Beer League hockey team.

Where is your dream location to spend the holidays?

I have never had a hot holiday season- I would love to try it at least once so maybe Mexico.

What is your favourite holiday food or drink?

Christmas cookies!

Do you have a favourite holiday tradition? If so, what would it be?

Homemade apple sauce at Christmas dinner- everyone thinks this is really odd!

Tess Woldring completed her Masters of Physical Therapy Degree at the University of British Columbia while playing UBC Varsity Rugby and becoming an Academic All Canadian. Tess has a passion for Return to Sport Rehabilitation and Pain Management Techniques. Book with Tess today.


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