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Stephen Baker's 2022 Year in Review

And another year is suddenly gone! How fast time can move as the daily routine blends into weeks and months. The seasons pass, and our lives follow somewhat cyclical patterns but every so often a major changes happens upon us (or to us).

The Things that Haven’t Changed

In another year of working at Royal City Physio, you, our clients, continue to be a source of joy in my day. In a way, all jobs are part of the service industry. Hearing about your lives, the personal and family successes, and connecting with each one of you sets physiotherapy apart. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a small part in the journey of your lives.

The past year has seen me continue my commitment to 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Most days, it involves walking to and from the clinic and the summer of unending sun certainly helped my motivation. The rainy season is upon us after seeming as though it would never come, and the routine I built up in

the summer has carried me through the rainy days.

These walks give me space in our busy world to slow down and let my mind wander.

The Things that Have Changed

As many of you know, I spent most of my summer pretending that I was proficient at drywall repair and painting. I’ve learned a lot and have the utmost respect for professional drywallers and painters; you are incredibly skilled!

Now that I’ve regained hours of my life, I have begun strength training. It has been nearly 15 years since I did squats, deadlifts and bench press and I’ve been humbled by the process of relearning how to move under weight. I started lifting to make myself a better runner, cyclist and rock climber, and so I could better guide those of you who want to get into strength training as a pursuit of its own or use it to get closer to your activity goals.

I’m a firm believer that successfully sticking with an activity requires a goal directly related to that activity and my lifting goal is to join the 1000 club. That is, to lift 1000 lbs split between squat, bench press and deadlift. I may never get there, but having that goal motivates me to continue getting under the bar and gives meaning to each moment where I succeed in lifting more weight than the week before.

My years at Royal City Physio have been fantastic. After another great year, I’d like to thank all of Royal City Physio’s staff, those newly joining us and those who have moved on to new careers, for making clinic life fun and for doing outstanding jobs. I’d also like to thank Karen Nichol for her endless flexibility and support.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you, the clients who fill my day with your stories and trust me to guide you toward your goals, thank you for continuing to support me and Royal City Physio. I wish you all a restful holiday season and I look forward to teaching you how to lift in 2023!

Stephen Baker graduated from Western University with a Masters of Physical Therapy. He has a passion for helping people who have sustained a fracture or had surgery regain full function and return to their daily adventures. Book with Stephen today.


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