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Parm Bhullar's 2022 Festive Year in Review

Parm Bhullar is one of our amazing physiotherapists at Royal City Physio!

To sum up 2022, we've asked Parm a few interview style questions so you can learn more about this years highlights and his career goals for 2023. We've also asked him all about the holidays. For fun, read along to find out the inside scoop to Parm's holiday traditions!

What is your favourite highlight from 2022?

Being a groomsman for a good friend's wedding this past summer!

What is one professional goal for 2023?

Take one course to advance my skills and knowledge. Currently planning on enrolling into the SFMA certification.

What is your favourite holiday movie?

Rather than a movie, one of my favourite things to watch during the holidays is every Christmas episode of "The Office."

What is your favourite holiday activity?

Snowshoeing with friends/family.

Where is your dream location to spend the holidays?


What is your favourite holiday food or drink?

Lions Winter Ale.

Do you have a favourite holiday tradition? If so, what would it be?

Annual cabin getaway with my family!

Parm Bhullar graduated with his Master of Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia. Prior to completing his Master’s, he obtained his Bachelor’s of Kinesiology also from the University of British Columbia. He strives to empower his clients to take control in their rehab journey by providing education and individualized exercises. Book with Parm today.


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