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Chris Chen's 2023 Festive Year in Review

Chris Chen - Physiotherapist

Read along to learn more about Chris Chen's 2023 highlights and future career goals. Also, get the inside scoop on some of his fun holiday traditions and the amazing trips he had this year!

Year in Review Questions:

1. What is your most memorable moment from 2023?

My most memorable moment was seeing Malta, which is a small island country southwest of Italy.

I was lucky enough to travel to Europe with my family this year and seeing the beauty of that

country took my breath away. Another cool tidbit is that I was travelling with my grandma

and brother, separated by 77 years! I am looking forward to another fun year filled with great

memories in 2024!

2. What is your biggest takeaway or learning lesson from 2023?

I would be remised to not mention my broken leg – hope not to have a big accident like that in

2024! It did give me some great opportunities to learn to be patient and trust the process. I knew

my body would heal with the right stimulus and I just needed to give it the right encouragement

to get there. Of course, I learned a lot from the whole process and I look forward to bringing the

lessons I learned into my practice to help everyone I work with get better.

3. What do you want to accomplish professionally in 2024?

I would like to continue being a part of the sports community. I had the opportunity to work with a

few lacrosse teams this year and continuing that next year will be my goal for 2024.

Festive Questions:

1. If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would it be and why?

I would love to be Buddy the Elf. This is probably just due to Elf being my favourite holiday movie

and it is also set in some cool spots. I would love to visit the North Pole (or just go up north) and experience New York during the holiday season!

2. What is the one dish you can’t do without on the holiday dinner table?

This may come as a surprise, but I love brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and bacon. I

enjoy having the veg to cut through all the protein and carbs on the table.

3. If you had to receive all your Christmas gifts from one store, what would it be?

It would be MEC. Every time I walk in there, I have trouble sticking to my list. Hiking, biking,

running, and skiing are dangerous activities to do when you have a store like MEC!

4. If you could compete in any sport in the Winter Olympics, what sport would it be and why?

I would have to be ice hockey. Even though my competitive hockey days are over that was

always a dream so that would be the one.

Chris completed his Master of Physical Therapy Degree after completing a Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. He enjoys working with all injuries but has a particular interest in working with shoulder and knee injuries. Book with Chris today.


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