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Arthritis Isn't About Aging

December's Healthy Reading article recommendation is brought to you by the newest member of our physiotherapy team, Brendan Paterson!

The article is called Skeletons say arthritis isn't about aging — it's about activity, and was written by CBC Radio's Bob McDonald. It focuses in on the relationship between arthritis and activity

This is what Brendan has to say about the article:

“When it comes to health, fitness, and disease prevention I feel that all too often we over-complicate things. With everything we read and hear through word of mouth, it can be daunting to come with the exact recipe for a healthy lifestyle and it is no surprise that this can discourage many people from making even small changes. Articles such as this however can be very promising, and have one big take-home message; being more active can help prevent among other conditions, knee osteoarthritis. There are no step by step recipes to follow here, other than to get moving!”

As the year is winding down, don't wait until January to make your resolution. #KeepMoving and experience the benefits that activities have to offer! Having trouble getting there yourself? Let us help you. Book your next appointment today.

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