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Introducing Brendan Paterson, the newest addition to our physiotherapy team!

Royal City Physio is incredibly excited to announce and introduce the newest physiotherapist to join our team/family. His name is Brendan Paterson and we couldn't be more happy to have him on board. As a way of introducing him, we asked a few questions in a 'get to know you' kind of interview.

Tell us a little about your background.

Growing up, I loved to participate in every sport I was able to, including downhill and cross country skiing, hockey, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Eventually I chose to pursue volleyball competitively which led to playing on provincial teams and eventually at Douglas College right here in New West. Various injuries experienced during these activities led me to seek out physiotherapy treatment and I have been hooked ever since. While completing a Diploma in Sports Science at Douglas, I realized that my true passion was to pursue a career in physiotherapy so that I could help to make a difference in people’s lives.

Why do you think physiotherapy is important?

While it was a passion for sports that led me to a career in physiotherapy, I now realize that physiotherapy is not just for athletes, it is for everyone! We all have activities that we love doing, but also aches and pains that can get in the way of these activities, and physiotherapy is a great tool for minimizing barriers to movement and helping us perform at our best.

What does the Royal City Physiotherapy mandate ‘Keep moving’ mean to you?

Although it seems simple, I think this mandate means everything! Our bodies are incredible machines designed to interact with our environment and the more we are able to challenge our bodies, the more rewarding and diverse our movement experiences can be. Movement is medicine, and there are countless benefits from making sure we keep moving for life.

What can patients expect from their sessions with you?

Patients can expect to be listened to, and contribute to their own treatment planning by letting their specific goals be known. I want to work WITH patients towards goals that are meaningful to them, and will do this by using appropriate hands on techniques as well as education whenever possible to help them understand their issue and how to work on it. Patients can also expect some homework in the form of therapeutic exercises or stretches to be performed at home to maximize the benefits of treatment.

What inspired you to pursue physiotherapy?

As I mentioned previously, my own experiences in physiotherapy as a patient opened my eyes to the profession and a combination of my passions and interests led me to pursue it as a career. Being active and exercising has always been important to me, and I love being able to share my knowledge with others who are trying to make a change in their lives or trying to get back to a previous level of function. I love that physiotherapy allows me to not only problem solve and work with the body, but also interact with and get to know my patients and what is important to them.

If you could you use one word to describe your work, what would it be and why?

Personalized. Every body is different and every injury is different. What works for one person may not work for everyone, and what is important to one person may not be important to everyone. I try to find out what your personal goals are for treatment, what activities or tasks are important to you, and see how you respond to different techniques. While there may be certain commonalities, I try to individualize treatment based on your own needs and likes!

Brendan's Official Biography:

Originally from Kimberley, British Columbia, Brendan first received his Sports Science Diploma at Douglas College, where he was a member of the men’s collegiate volleyball team. He then went on to complete his Bachelors of Kinesiology and Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia.

A passion for living an active lifestyle and sharing his knowledge with others have led Brendan to pursue a career in physiotherapy, where he can work alongside his clients to help them return to, or improve upon, their function in activities that are personally meaningful to them. When not in the clinic, Brendan loves to spend his time in the mountains, where he enjoys hiking, camping, or mountain biking.

You can book your appointment with Brendan on our 'Book now' tab which you can find here. He can't wait to help you to #KeepMoving. Please give him a warm welcome and don't be afraid to say 'Hello' the next time you have an appointment!

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