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Local Business Feature: Old Crow Coffee Co.

Our local business feature this month is the perfect way to get a caffeinated 'pick-me-up' or, better yet dig your heels in and focus on your to-do list: Old Crow Coffee Co.

Old Crow Coffee Co.

Nestled in the cozy downtown of New Westminster, Old Crow Coffee Co. is a delicious and atmospheric coffee shop that features not only scrumptious food and drinks, but hosts monthly open mics and other entertaining events. This shop is part of Front Street's ever-developing strip of unique collection of stores after its recent re-vamping. You can dip in for a coffee or treat and then wander along the banks of the Fraser discovering antiques or just stick around the coffee shop for a warm cup of caffeinated goodness.

New Westminster’s Cultural Rejuvenation

Old Crow Coffee Co. perfectly reflects the unique cultural rejuvenation that is slowly happening around New Westminster's downtown core. With the construction on Front Street completed, more and more people are wandering down toward the water to discover some truly unique local businesses such as Old Crow Coffee Co. The reviews on their Facebook and Instagram truly reflect this with thoughts such as: "Old Crow is one of those amazing coffee houses you want to tell everyone about but at the same time don't want anyone else to know about it because it's such a gem."

The staff is friendly and seem to be very focused on developing the sense of strong community, much like our team at Royal City Physio. You really feel like you belong as soon as you walk through the coffee shop's doors. The monthly events pull a supportive and lively crowd with their open mics, comedy shows and other entertainment.

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