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The best places to go Kayaking in Greater Vancouver

August is almost coming to a close and with only a few weeks before school is back in session, why not try out a water-sport that can get the whole family's shoulders working? Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water while working different muscle groups through your shoulders with the repetitive paddling movement. We're also extremely lucky to live so close to some great bodies of water that are beautiful to explore by kayak. Whether you're with a guided tour or heading out as a small group with no destination in mind, kayaking is a great form of exercise that not only targets the shoulders but is a unique way of exploring the beautiful water that British Columbia offers. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the "best" places to go kayaking that are still close to home.

Note: Most of these locations are only operational during the high-season, April through October.

False Creek (Vancouver)

False Creek is a beautiful kayaking route and is extremely accessible with lots of rental locations all throughout the area. It's a great spot if you're looking for something to do with guests from out of town as it provides a beautiful view not only of Downtown Vancouver but also the mountains. This is definitely a great option if your group is on the beginner side of the spectrum as there are lots of tours and lessons available throughout the summer. The water is quite lively with boats all around which can also provide great people-watching opportunities. Despite the traffic, the water is surprisingly calm along this route, another reason why it's a great choice for families with younger kayakers.

Indian Arm (North Vancouver)

This is another calm water and gorgeous views combination for Kayakers. Pushing off from the shores of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, Kayakers can easily access Indian Arm and all of it's beauty. While it's not the most challenging route, Indian Arm is a great option if you want to be out on the ocean without the challenge of choppy water. There isn't as much water traffic as in False Creek, making it a much more peaceful and quiet paddle. If you want to feel truly surrounded by nature, this is definitely a great option for an excursion.

English Bay Beach (Vancouver)

English Bay is another great option from Downtown Vancouver and it's also an awesome way to double your kayak adventure with a sunny beach day. This accessible point makes it easy for kayakers to paddle anywhere around Stanley Park, Downtown Vancouver and even up near the University of British Columbia, giving you many options to explore if you're looking for more of a day trip than a shorter paddle. The water can be a bit rougher than the two locations above so be aware of the before you plan your trip.

Deer Lake (Burnaby)

If you are a fan of fresh water than this is the option for you! Plus, you don't have to venture very far to enjoy this gorgeous body of water by kayak. There are both canoe and kayak rental options at Deer Lake in Burnaby for your paddling enjoyment. This is an awesome location if you're a beginner or a member of the group is as the water is more shallow and calmer than the three options above. Deer Lake is surrounded by lush forestry which provides gorgeous views and a feeling that you've escaped the city even though you're not far from its centre.

Let us know if you're tried out any of these recommended spots by snapping a pic and tagging it with #keepmoving on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also tag us @RCPhysio across these social media so we can take a look at your stand-up paddle-boarding adventure!

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