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The 4 best places to go standup paddle-boarding in B.C.

This month our physical focus is shoulders and considering that is exceptionally warm outside right now, we want to encourage everyone to cool off by engaging in activity that involves the water. This has inspired us to compile a list of the best and most beautiful places in our gorgeous province to go stand-up paddle-boarding, a newish trend that seems to be sweeping the world of exercise. We are extremely fortunate as British Columbians to have ample access to water but we've sussed out the best and most exclusive spots that will inspire even the most reluctant to try this new water sport that engages your shoulders with every paddle!

Joffre Lakes Hike (Pemberton, B.C.)

This location might seem a bit out of the way but it is definitely work the hike and the hassle of carrying a paddle-board (although we suggest you rent an inflatable one). The three lakes that accompany this novice hike are as blue as they come and are perfect condition for stand-up paddle-boarding. You can glide out into them and soak up the sun while getting a well-deserved break on the water from your hike. There are rental companies in abundance through Whistler so take advantage of the beautiful lakes that this mountain terrain has to offer by switching it up from the usual kyack rental. The hike is a three hour round trip but is definitely worth the beautiful views and unique location to paddle-board.

Deep Cove (North Vancouver, B.C.)

If you're looking for a quieter location to get your sea legs, head to Deep Cove for a paddle-boarding adventure. While most people will be heading to do the Quarry Rock hike, we suggest you head for the water instead to rent a paddle-board to explore this beautiful area. The water is also usually pretty calm so it's a great place to try paddle-boarding for the first time. There are also lessons and tours that are available at this location. You could even do the hike then cool off with some paddle-boarding! The best part is to reward yourself with a Honey's maple glazed donut after your sweat session.

Sandy Cove Beach (West Vancouver, B.C.)

If you are a fan of marine life, this is the paddle-boarding location for you! The water is chock full of lively marine animals and some have even spotted migrating whales from this location. This beach is located in West Vancouver and is a great place to be able to transition from chilling on the sand to challenging yourself with an open-water paddle-boarding experience. The water here is usually pretty calm but can get a little choppy depending on the weather, so keep that in mind if you're a beginner or looking for something a little bit more low-key. The water is pretty warm here too which can make for a fun beach day as well!

Jericho and Kits Beach (Vancouver, B.C.)

Both of these location off a great option for beginner paddlers and a unique view of Downtown Vancouver. With many rental companies along both of these beaches, it's a great way to get an introduction into ocean paddling, whether it be with a lesson or just going out on your own. If you're a bit of a more adventurous paddler, there are many companies that offer stand up paddling yoga at these locations, which is a great challenge for more experienced paddlers.

Let us know if you're tried out any of these recommended spots by snapping a pic and tagging it with #keepmoving on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also tag us @RCPhysio across these social media so we can take a look at your stand-up paddle-boarding adventure!

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