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'Why Tie-Dye?' With Karen Nichol

Royal City Physio is quickly warming up to our 'Colours 4 Kids' fundraiser for KidSport New West on June 24th. With the event only a week away, we want to share why this event and cause is so important to the clinic and our community. Over the past few weeks, each of our physiotherapists has been sharing why they are excited for 'Colours 4 Kids' and why you should be too in the segment: 'Why Tie-Dye?' With Jayme and Saqib having already shared their colourful thoughts (which you can read about here and here), next up is our founder: Karen Nichol.

What makes you most excited about the ‘Colours 4 Kids’ event?

To be honest, I just love hosting such a feel good community event! Everything about the event has a positive vibe to it. The local businesses and our professional sports teams such as the Lions and Whitecaps have been unbelievable in supporting this great cause by donating amazing prizes. The New West school district and the Salmonbellies have been amazing in their promotion of this event. The Senior A Bellies will even be there signing autographs. I know all of this great exposure and support will help us immensely in our efforts to raise money for KidSport New West.

What can people look forward to on June 24th?

I don’t even know where to start! Well, the DIY tie-dye theme is how this whole event originated but now there is just so much more going on. Having Jack FM there bringing the beats all day will be an amazing background for all the contests, games, raffles, silent auction prizes, BBQ and more! There is stuff for every age group, from LA Kings signed sticks from Quick and Carter to face painting and goodie bags for the little ones. I also have a feeling a water fight could inevitably break out, especially if the sun is shining!

Why do you think it’s important that we support causes like KidSport New West?

I can’t think of anything more important to the development of a child, both physically and mentally, than physical activity. For myself, I feel that being involved in both team and individual sports made me who I am today. In team sports, one quickly becomes familiar with terms like commitment, work ethic, teamwork, and sacrifice. Team sports instill confidence, sportsmanship and create special friendships. Individual sports challenge you in different ways, wherein you can’t rely on others to win the event or bring the energy for you and sometimes you really need to dig deep to bring your A-game. It’s much more challenging mentally and win or lose, it’s all on you. For all of these reasons, and so many more I am passionate about always encouraging any kids I know to stay active. Life is just so much better when you’re playing sports!

What colours will you be using for your tie- dye creation?

I think the easier question, is “what colours will I NOT be using?” and the answer is NONE!! Picture all of the rainbow on a shirt!

We hope that you are getting as excited as we are for this exciting day. Join us on June 24th for a colourful afternoon of tie-dye, games and prizes all in support of KidSport New Westminster!

Learn more about why we made this event:

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