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Get Hip With It: 'Exercise May Delay or Prevent Hip Surgery' (Healthy Reading Recommendation

As a part of our 'Healthy Reading' series for the month of May, our very own Karen Nichol recommends this informative article about how physiotherapy and exercise can help manage or even prevent hip injuries and pain with a focus on osteoarthritis. Seeing as the theme this month on the blog is hips, this seemed like the perfect article to share to help our readers #gethipwithit. It is posted by the Arthritis Foundation and explores how "Exercise May Delay or Prevent Hip Surgery".

The article shares that, "People with mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA) may be able to avoid hip surgery if they exercise, according to a study published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases in 2013." Read on here.

As Karen explains, this article by Alice Goodman suggests "how a physiotherapist can help those in this type of situation by educating them on their pathology and instructing these clients on a specific exercise program to improve their flexibility and strength as a means of preventing or in the very least significantly delaying a hip replacement."

Essentially, this article further proves that the Royal City Physio formula works:

"SEE A PHYSIO for an assessment and EDUCATION and then do their EXERCISES so you can KEEP MOVING!"

-Karen Nichol

Here's another great resource about how physiotherapy can help with arthritis, presented by BC Physio as a part of their 'Physio Can Help' series:

Share your thoughts about the article or let us know you've read it by using the hashtag #gethipwithit or #keepmoving.

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