Training April: Best Running Routes in Lower Mainland

Welcome to #TrainingApril! This month across all of Royal City Physio's social media, we will be sharing tip and tricks that will make sure you are in the perfect shape to #keepmoving and ready for your big race or summer event. With so many people throwing their running back shoes on, we need to more mindful than ever to treat our bodies right so come into the clinic for a tuneup and then head out to onto one of these gorgeous local running trails!

Lions Gate Bridge

Length: 9 km

Location: Downtown to North Vancouver

Difficulty: Moderate, lots of uphill

Ioana Beach Jetty

Length: 5 km

Location: Ioana Beach to Richmond

Difficulty: Average

False Creek Seawall

Length: 5 km

Location: Along the Seawall, Vancouver

Difficulty: Average, minimal incline

Burnaby Central Park Trails

Length: 30 hectares of park/trails

Location: Throughout Burnaby Central Park

Difficulty: Average

Howe Sound Crest Trail

Length: 30 km of possible trails

Location: Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove

Difficulty: Advanced, high altitude (worth the views)

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