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Mindful March: Fresh air = Fresh thoughts

While most Vancouverites can't believe it's still snowing, others can't get over the fact that it's already March. At Royal City Physio, this month is #MindfulMarch which means that we'll be focusing on bringing you content that will bridge the gap between the mind and the body to help you #keepmoving.

Want a fresh way to start the month of march? Clear away the stress and negative thoughts by getting outside. These activities will have you walking with a little less weight on your shoulders so that when you come into the clinic to work with our physiotherapy team, you've got a great mindset to carry into your everyday life. Breathe easy knowing that we've got your physical needs covered to keep you moving so that you have more time to focus on what's going on inside your head.

Here's three ideas of how you can get out and about to freshen up your thoughts and alleviate some stress. Sometimes you have to sweat and be a little selfish with your time to put things back in perspective and getting out and about in the middle of your busy schedule might just be exactly what you need.

1. Go for a run outside/Walk and Talk with a friend

This might seem like a simple suggestion but it works wonders. Getting your heart rate up while you breathe in fresh air can really put things into perspective or at the very least, provide a quick and simple escape from reality. Even if it's raining outside, you can bundle up with a windbreaker, make an awesome playlist and get moving. You might find it surprises you have much more motivating it is to run outside where you actually cover distance rather than shying away from the rain and running at your local indoor gym.

If you're having trouble making the leap to outside training, you can likely find a running club in your neighbourhood so that you don't have to run alone. Another option is to 'walk and talk' with a friend to get some exercise, fresh air and a good chat in.

2. Staycation

There are so many beautiful parts of the Lower Mainland that will still feel like an escape or a 'mini vacation'. You don't have to travel more than half an hour to discover a place you've never been before. Putting that distance between yourself and reality while exploring a brand new area and finding a new favourite spot might be exactly what you need.

There's lots of sites that have great recommendations for Lower Mainland escapes but you can start with places like Deep Cove, the River Market in New Westminster or even do a brewery hop in Port Moody with the newly extended Skytrain Line. The important part is to treat yourself to a little escape even if it's only travelling an extra few miles every once in a while.

3. Find a cozy outdoors spot and crack open that book

Even if it's on your lunch break at work, set your self a timer where you can read as many pages as you possibly can before getting back to the grind. Find somewhere outside that you can feel remote without being too far from everything. Whether it's simply sitting at an outside table at your favourite coffee shop, make the effort to spend some time outside while you get some reading time in.

Fresh air is the perfect stress release so finding something that you love doing outside might just be the perfect gift to your mind this March. With the whether getting just a bit warmer over the next few months, put these #MindfulMarch suggestions to use and share your experiences about how you #keepmoving on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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