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Healthy Reading: Spinal Health

With the new year comes a new series of blog posts for Royal City Physio: 'Healthy Reading'. Every month, one of our knowledgable physiotherapists will recommend an article that is linked with the world of physiotherapy. These informative articles will be focused on a specific topic that will reflect the theme of the month and therefore give you a look into physical health in that realm. With a in-depth introduction by the physiotherapist recommending the article, we hope to educate and give our clients as many resources as possible in the coming year to create a 'Healthy reading' library that we can always refer to during sessions so that you can keep moving, no matter your injury.

In this case, the article deals with preventive tips for spinal health based in sitting posture in the workplace, "9 Ergonomic Tips for Synchronizing Your Work Station and Office Chair".

Education on proper sitting posture seems to be a frequent conversation that I've been having with clients these days, especially those with neck or low back pain. If you sit a lot at work, try these 9 ergonomic tips to help improve your sitting posture and decrease your risk of experiencing the aches and pain associated with prolonged sitting.

Another useful tip is to build small breaks into your day that allow you to get up from your desk for a few minutes every hour. For example, walking over to a coworkers desk to have a conversation with them instead of sending an email provides an opportunity for you to change positions and get a short walk in while still getting your work done.

- Jayme Gordon, physiotherapist at Royal City Physio

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