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Healthy Buying (November): Kids in Motion

While it's important for YOU to #keepmoving, it's sometimes a struggle to get your kids motivated to do the same, especially when it isn't so sunny outside. KIDS IN MOTION is the perfect solution to get your kid moving and grooving and since it's conveniently located across the street from our clinic, you can drop them off for a class and get an appointment in with us.

They provide an array of movement classes ranging in different dance styles for different ages. They give "high quality dance training, in a non-traditional dance setting". They have the tagline:


At the same time as learning how to dance, they will also be creatively and imaginatively stimulated based on 'KIDS IN MOTION'S' alternative teaching styles. Some of the types of dance classes they provide are:

- Acro

- Ballet

- Combo classes (one or more styles)

- Highland

- Jazz

- Hip Hop & Breakdance

- Lyrical

- Musical Theatre

- Tap

- Rhythm Babies and Kids

For a more thorough class description look here:

Their winter session is open for registration and runs Jan. 3 - May 1. You can look at a class schedule here: For the next term, the class content is more choreographic based while the fall session is technique based.



Location: 465B East Columbia Street


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