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Keep Moving (November): 5 great biking trails in the Lower Mainland

Our newest monthly feature is 'Keep Moving', a segment that will encourage you to get out and about in Vancouver. Even as the weather is turning, it's amazing how many outdoor opportunities there are in the Lower Mainland that keep you moving. This month's feature is a list of five of the best biking trails in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver. They range from scenic to physically challenging but each has their own special charm. If you want a way to get sweating while seeing different parts of our beautiful province, biking is the perfect way to do it.

1. Central Valley Greenway

Difficulty: Intermediate

Distance: 26 km

Type of Bike: Any

Location: From New Westminster to Vancouver

2. Stanley Park Seawall

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 9.5 km loop

Type of Bike: Any

Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver

3. Queen Elizabeth Park - Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Difficulty: Easy

Type of Bike: Any

Location: Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

4. Pipeline Trail

Difficulty: Advanced

Distance: 1.5 km

Type of Bike: Mountain Bike

Location: Mount Fromme, North Vancouver

5. Traboulay Poco Trail

Difficulty: Easy but with long circuit

Distance: 25. 5 km

Type of Bike: Any

Location: Port Coquitlam, B.C.

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