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Faces of Physio Update: 'The Gymnast' (Tamara)

Here at Royal City Physio, we like to celebrate our successes and Tamara O'Brien is definitely one of those stories that we like to brag about, especially since we specialize in sport physiotherapy. O'Brien is one of our original 'Faces of Physio' (which you can read about here) and is a trampoline gymnast who won two medals this June.

O'Brien took home a gold medal for double mini trampoline in the Senior Women’s category and a silver was for the team double mini competition from National Gymnastics's competition in Edmonton from June 2 - 4. In the picture above, Saqib (her original physiotherapist at the time of original 'Faces of Physio' post) is wearing her gold medal from Worlds as O'Brien shows off her medals earned from her latest competition.

You can even visit with Tamara as she now works as one of our front desk receptionists at the clinic and she probably wouldn't mind sharing her physiotherapy story as well as stories about what it's like to be a medal-winning trampoline gymnast at a National level.

Stories like Tamara's truly inspire us at Royal City Physio and confirm the importance of the work that our physiotherapists do to ensure our clients, athletes or not, #keepmoving.

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