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Faces of Physio (March): Bambi

Our 'Faces of Physio' March Nominee is 'Bambi', also known as Marieta. She is 69 years young and is from the Phillipines. She used to be a nurse and is a ray of sunshine whenever she comes into the clinic, with all her positivity and joking around. She recently had total knee replacement surgery and turned to Royal City Physio for help to keep her moving.

Can you tell us a bit about your injury?

I had knee surgery. I had osteoarthritis.

What was your first thought when you walked into the Royal City Physio clinic?

Yes, I was surprised because they are so good at Royal City Physio. They are very good with their work, there’s lots of open space.

What are some things you couldn't do before your total knee replacement surgery?

I had a difficult time doing housework. Bending down to grab the laundry and just even walking around while I cleaned was an issue. I couldn't walk longer than a minute!

What were some of our recreational goals for your physiotherapy?

I wanted to be able to go one my hour-long walks again and get back to playing Ping Pong.

How has your progress looked like since your surgery and since you've started physiotherapy?

No more pain in my knee! I can walk around with little to not problem until my right hip get sore but even then, my knee doesn't hurt.

So would you say your life is better now that you’re doing physio with Royal City Physio?

Ya! It’s very, very good. But now, it’s my hip that’s aching! I still have one surgery to be done. My right and left knee are done and my left hip is done but now my right hip needs surgery. Then, I’ll be bionic, I’ll be able to jump up and down!

How did your physiotherapist educate you about your injury? Did they set you up with a home program?

Yes, he’s very good. Davin is very good. When I first went there, a week after my surgery - it was still so painful. He gave me lots of exercises and I’ve been doing them all at home, four or five times a day. No physiotherapist has done for me what he’s done in my whole life. After my back injury, whatever injury I had, this recovery has worked the best.

What do you think the atmosphere at the clinic is like?

It’s very positive. I talk to everybody. I’m not fussy.

Would you recommend Royal City Physio to others based on your experience?

Of course! I found out about the clinic through word of mouth and I’ll help spread the word too since that’s how I got here!

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience with Royal City Physio?

Whenever anybody needs to exercise, not only for physio, but to develop muscles or something, I will recommend them to Royal City Physio. It’s not only for people that are injured, it’s for people who want to develop or get big muscles or reduce the size of the waist. Also, I’m very, very pleased with them.

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