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Workshop Announcement: Randy Celebrini - Functional Assessment of the Rehabilitating Athlete

Royal City Physio is excited to announce that we will be hosting Randy Celebrini's workshop 'Functional Assessment of the Rehabilitating Athlete : Guidelines for Return to Play Progression and Sport Specific Functional Conditioning'. The event will be happening on April 10, 2016 from 8 AM - 4 PM at our clinic.

Celebrini is a reknowned sports physiotherapist who has been working with athletes for over twenty years. He also currently works with the Vancouver Canucks as a part of their integrated medical team.

This workshop has been developed to help clinicians working with an active sport clientele become more comfortable guiding progression from the acute and clinical phases of rehabilitation to the challenging return to play and dynamic functional conditioning phases for rehabilitating athletes.

During this course clinicians will be introduced to an athlete functional assessment and learn strategies that can be used to help: - determine the athlete's functional status after injury - identify primary physical issues that may impair movement or contribute to movement dysfunction and predispose further injury - facilitate and guide an athlete's functional return to play progression - inform and direct the development of specific and effective individual prehab or prevention training programs

Breakfast (coffee/beverages/fruit/snacks) will all be provided and lunch with be from 12pm - 1pm.

Cost: $395

Space is limited. If you wish to sign up or to inquire further, please call: (604) 553-1203.

For more information:

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