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World Physical Therapy Day

Today is World Physical Therapy Day, a day to share how important the role of physiotherapy is in maintaining the health of many people, from infants to the elderly, through all ranges of activity levels.

Physical therapists (known in many countries as physiotherapists) are experts in developing and maintaining people’s ability to move and function throughout their lives. With an advanced understanding of how the body moves and what keeps it from moving well, they promote wellness, mobility and independence. They treat and prevent many problems caused by pain, illness, disability and disease, sport and work related injuries, ageing and inactivity.

Physical therapists are educated over several years, giving them a full knowledge of the body’s systems and the skills to treat a wide range of problems. This education is usually universitybased, at a level that allows physical therapists to practise independently. Continuing education ensures that they keep up to date with the latest advances in research and practice. Many physical therapists are engaged in research themselves.

Every day, we celebrate the work we are doing with our patients as they increase their mobility and decrease their pain. Today, we're inviting everyone to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day with a 10k step challenge!

So, dig out your pedometers and charge up your fitness trackers! Join us in making it a your goal to hit 10 000 steps every day during what's left of the month of September!

Here are a few ways to get in some extra steps every day:

  • Take a walk with your spouse, child, or friend

  • Walk the dog

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Park farther from the store

  • Better yet, walk to the store

  • Get up to change the channel

  • Window shop

  • Plan a walking meeting

  • Walk over to visit a neighbor

  • Get outside to walk around the garden or do a little weeding

If 10 000 steps is totally out of your reach, then set a goal that is reasonable for you and will promote an increase in your movement. And if you don't already have something to track your steps, find an inexpensive pedometer or splurge on a fitness tracker to monitor your steps, sleep and even your heart rate!

Have a great Workd Physical Therapy Day and KEEP MOVING, RCP-ers! If you accept our challenge and commit to 10 000 steps per day, let us know how that goes for you! Tweet us @RCPhysio or share your story on our Facebook page!

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