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Langley Hospice Society Donation

In June 2017, we hosted a big event in our community called: 'Colours 4 Kids'. It was a fundraiser for a local charitable organization, KidSport New West.

KidSport is a non-profit organization that provides children with positive physical activity and sport experiences by providing the financial support necessary for them to participate. This is made possible through the boundless volunteer work and donations made to this invaluable cause. ​​Our event was a huge success, and we couldn't have been happier.

After the event we were left with over 80 extra t-shirts and dye. We wanted to continue to impact the community, so we decided to search for another local organization to collaborate with. When a friend suggested the Langley Hospice Society, we immediately thought it was a great idea. Our original project was about children, this way we were able to continue the focus, allowing for some fun with tie-dying.

The Langley Hospice Society is committed to providing emotional, practical and spiritual support for people who are living with a terminal illness, as well as their family and friends, throughout the last stages of illness, at the time of death, and bereavement.

They were very thankful for the donation. Here's what they had to say:

"Our staff are looking forward to utilizing these unique donations in upcoming programing.

Here are some of the ways they will be utilized:

  • They are looking to include tie dying as an ongoing activity with the children in our grief support programs; and

  • are hoping to use the colours as ways to express feelings related to grief.

  • Colours are a great way to help children identify and describe their feelings, such as using red for anger, blue for sadness, yellow for happiness.

  • Sometimes colours can be used to simply remind a child of their person because their person like a certain colour."

We'll be updating this blog post, and our social media feeds, with photos of the creations the children make. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and search #ColoursForKids to check them out!

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