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Healthy Buying (July): Oxygen New Westminster

Sometimes you have to really push yourself physically to get the result you want and our first #GetBACKoutthere 'Healthy Buying' feature for the month of July is the perfect place to do that: Oxygen Yoga and Fitness New Westminster. If you're looking to have a challenging, not only physically but mentally as well, workout experience, then look no further. The classes that Oxygen New Westminster offers aren't just great for improving flexibility and physical stamina, the classes are so fun that they'll make you look forward to your next sweat session!

Oxygen New Westminster features an array of yoga and fitness classes, from traditional Flow yoga to barre fitness and even boxing classes. The thing that makes Oxygen so unique is their use of infrared technology to heat their workout studios so not only are you getting your sweat on, you're also receiving all the benefits of the infrared. The studios also have a very zen atmosphere which is great if you're looking to de-stress.

The instructors at Oxygen New Westminster are fitness professionals and are incredibly well informed about physical health. There are always modifications offered during class, whether it's because of a physical limitation or the fitness level that you're at, you'll never feel like you're falling behind during a class. Oxygen New Westminster is an extremely welcoming and motivating environment, which makes it the perfect place to #getBACKoutthere if you're trying to get back into a fitness routine.

The classes are very popular so we suggest signing up at least a week in advance as they fill up very quickly (which really is a testament to how great the classes are). If you are thinking of signing up for a class, you can use the website to view the schedule and see what class looks like the best fit. The best part? Your first class is free! If you love your first class, you can get one week of unlimited classes for just $10 (for new members only).


Address: 1065 Columbia St # 105 New Westminster, British Columbia


Instagram: @oxygennewwest

Phone: (778) 870-8262

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