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Get Hip With It: Best Hiking Clubs in Lower Mainland

This month Royal City Physio will be sharing different tips and ways that you can get #hipwithit. May's focus on our 'Healthy Living Blog' is the HIPS so as a part our clinic's effort to have you #keepmoving, we compiled a list of the best hiking clubs in the lower mainland. Not only will you be able to get out into the beautiful weather this month has recently been sharing with us, you'll be able to get #hipwithit as hiking builds up strength and resilience in your hips. Whether you're an expert hiker or a beginner, these clubs are all great options to take your hiking habit to the next level.

This group has an incredibly active events calendar which makes it very easy to find out where and when their next hike will be. This group invites hikers of all skill and experience levels and even categorizes their hikes so that you know exactly what you're getting into. Their is a membership requirement but it is definitely worth the fee to join this experienced group of hikers if you want to branch out from your usual routes. North Shore Hikers also host excursions for other activities like snowshoeing, backpacking, cycling, backcountry skiing and trailing clearing.

The Vancouver Outdoor club encourages Vancouverites to get out and about by doing not only active but social activities. Vancouver Outdoor Club serves as a planning network for adventurous and social events and is completely non-profit. They have a very active Youtube channel so you can check out their most recent excursions or simply sign up on the Meetup website to get updates about current events.

Wanderung is an activity mailing list that anyone can sign up for free. They plan an upwards of 200 excursions a year, one of their main focuses being nature hikes. With over 2500 subrcribers, Wanderung is effectively an activity mailing list that helps you plan outdoor adventures whenever and with whoever you want. It's a great way to find new hikes and meet other adventurous and active people in the Lower Mainland. All you have to do is read the mailing list, decide which adventures you want to participate in and show up!

Burnaby Outdoor Club has been around since 1991 and has around 100 active members. They mostly plan and host daytrips around the Lower Mainland but once in a while host adventure trips that last a few days. Each hikes has a participant max of 12 people and the spots fill up quickly so if you want to go, you do need to sign up at least two days in advance.

They post a monthly newsletter on their website for updates. They even have an incredible log of all their past trips with photos and trip reports for you to be able to really get a taste of the hiking adventures.

Their mission statement: "To promote the care and enjoyment of the outdoor environment through year-round hiking, cycling and skiing, supplemented by a variety of sports and social activities."

Let us know about your hiking club adventures by using the hashtag #hipwithit or #keepmoving and by tagging us in your posts with @RCPhysio. Happy hiking!

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