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Foot February: 'Happy Feet' by Davin MacKenzie

For our last post of #FOOTFEBRUARY, our very own Davin MacKenzie wrote an article about simple foot exercises that can help optimize foot function as part of our 'Healthy Reading' monthly segment. Enjoy this aptly titled and incredibly informative article to help your feet keep moving this #FOOTFEBRUARY.

The links in the article:

Short Foot #1:

Short Foot #2:

If you want some more #FOOTFEBRUARY reading, check out some of Karen's "Running tips for Beginners" here which is part of a past 'Healthy Reading' post. Share your thoughts about Davin's article or let us know you've read it by using the hashtag #FOOTFEBRUARY or #keepmoving. Next up.... #MINDFULMARCH.

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