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Healthy Buying (January): Great Wall Tea Co.

Nestled right inside the River Market at New Westminster's Quay, Great Wall Tea Co. has an incredible and decadent variety of tea that is not only hydrating but delicious as well. This tea shop is a New Westminster exclusive and with their signature tea wall (pictured below), it's a great way to get TEAducated if you're a new tea drinker or even if you're an experienced tea drinker, it's the perfect way to try something new!

It's amazing how many different types of tea this quirky tea bar, opened in 2010, features considering how small the actual space is. Part of it's charm is the 'great wall of tea' itself and how beautifully it's crafted, inspired by a mosaic type design. You could spend a whole afternoon just sitting up at the tea bar sniffing all the 150 tea varieties that the shop contains. Perusing the wall is only part of the fun as you can buy a drink to go or take a bag home of any loose leaf that you fall for.

They feature many different types of tea bases: Black, Green, White, Oolong, Rooibos, and Herbal.

A little bit of history about the tea bar's creation:

"Owners Lauren Bowler and Sean Smith were inspired to open their modern tea bar by their love of tea and travel. They hope to foster conversation, community and even social responsibility around the tea bar."


So, whether you're looking for a drink to enjoy right away or some loose leaf tea to bring home for later, Great Wall Tea Co. has an impressive array of tea that will be sure to not only hydrate but delight your tastebuds as well. Plus, nothing tastes better than buying local.

Location: 109 - 810 Quayside Drive New Westminster, British Columbia (inside of the River Market)

It's also incredibly easy to get to as it's only a five minute walk from New West Station or, if you drive, there's quite a bit of parking available in the River Market parking lot (pay parking).


Phone: Call (604) 520-3007

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM

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