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A safe and happy Halloween

At Royal City Physio, we're often in the business of getting people moving again after an injury or other debilitating event, but we're also interested in keeping you moving when you're healthy, too.

Halloween can be chaotic with more adults and especially children out on the street on feet or wheels. Now that it's getting darker earlier, it's important to take safety precautions with our little (and not so little) trick or treaters. Here are some things to think about:

  • Make sure your kids are always accompanied by an adult.

  • Carry a flashlight at all times and give others to your little ghosts and goblins.

  • Walk only on sidewalks or clear paths. Don't cross the street unless you're in a crosswalk.

  • Choose bright costumes that don't block vision.

  • Only trick or treat at houses that are well lit.

  • Check all candy before eating it.

But, the #1 rule for Halloween: HAVE FUN! We're in the clinic until 3pm on Halloween. Stop by and show us your costumes!

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